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Jack Ellis Body Protection manufactures bullet, knife & spike resistant body armour to cater for a wide variety of markets. For certain situations, only ballistic resistance is required (the so-called “bullet proof” vest). Other markets require anti-stab (knife resistant) vests, sometimes in combination with spike and bullet resistance.


Jack Ellis caters for all markets: military, police, land and marine security, media, NGOs and government. We are perhaps best known for our TRV Press Vest which is in global use by newspaper and TV journalists, sound engineers and videographers.


Our police body armour and military body armour products are based on years of design experience and co-operation with police and army end-users. Our body armour can be manufactured to specifications particular to a market or customer, but we also make commercial off the shelf (COTS) body armour.


A recent development is our maritime security kit which combines a fully sealed body armour vest offering bullet resistance to high levels with options for anti-spike and anti-knife protection. The maritime security kits can include ballistic helmet & goggles and upgrade insert plates.


In recent years Jack Ellis has also focussed on the private security market and, in particular, the manufacture of bullet, knife and spike resistant vests for Cash in Transit (CIT) workers. Such body armour provides high levels of protection whilst retaining the excellent flexibility and comfort required by the CIT industry.

Whatever your body armour requirements, Jack Ellis can provide an effective solution.

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